• CasNo:88-12-0
  • Molecular Formula:
  • Purity:
  • Molecular Weight:

Product Details

Product Name:N-Vinlypyrrolidone

Chemical Description:1-Vinyl-2-pyrrolidinone; NVP

CAS No.:88-12-0

Formula Structure:

Appearance:Colorless to slightly yellowish transparent liquid

Properties: NVP is a clear to yellow liquid,carysallization under 13℃. It’s easy to hydrolyze and polymerize itself but It can remain as liquid at room temperature for extended periods.Usually,stabilized with NaOH or TMHPO as polymerization inhibitor.


  • 200kgs(net weight)/net galvanized iron drum
  • Stored away from sunlight and high temperature
  • To avoid self-polymerzation,a faint amount of inhibitor is normalyy added in NVP.






Appearance (25 ℃ )

Colorless clear liquid

Color (APHA) Hazen

≤ 10

Content (GC) %

≥ 99.70

Moisture (GC) %

≤ 0.20

α -Pyrrolidone (GC) %

≤ 0.05

Other (GC) %

≤ 0.05

PH value





NVP can co-polymerize with a series of monomers.


1.Plastic industry

NVP can be added into UV-curing paint to form flexile and hard film.NVP can improve elongation rate and viscoslity of high and low gloss coating for radiation medicine.


2.Electronic industry

Wiring manufacturers rely on rapid process and low temperature process of UV paint to protect cable, electrical components and print-circuit board.


3.Metal industry

Cationic vinyl ethers/epoxides or heterocyclic compounds are often used in UV coating for metal. It is the function of NVP to from excellent diluent by crosslinking with groups of such vinyl ethers and acrylic acids in these systems


4.Other industries

NVP can be used widely in lumbering,paper-making,inks,adhesives and so on.